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16th / 17th of November 2018
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

8th of November 2018
WinDelta®PMS Profi training

26th / 27th of October 2018
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

11th of October 2018
WinDelta®PMS Servicemodule training

6th / 7th of September 2018
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

21st of June 2018
WinDelta®PMS Profi training

14th of June 2018
Planned dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD II | 2018

16th of May 2018
WinDelta®PMS update 9.20b dispatched
(in advance online available since 29th of March 2018)

7th of March 2018
Dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD I | 2018

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