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3rd of December 2020
Planned dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD IV | 2020

12th / 13th of November 2020
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

5th of November 2020
WinDelta®PMS Profi training

22nd / 23rd of October 2020
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

8th of October 2020
WinDelta®PMS Servicemodule training

17th of September 2020
Planned dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD III | 2020

3rd / 4th of September 2020
WinDelta®PMS Basics training

10th of July 2020
WinDelta®PMS update 9.31a and
WinDelta® Service-app 2.00 (German)
made available for clients with software-maintenance

18th of June 2020
Dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD II | 2020

9th of July 2019
WinDelta®PMS update 9.30a dispatched

8th of August 2018
WinDelta®PMS update 9.20b, Build 25.5.2018,
works stable under Windows 10, Build 1803.
Updates before 9.20 don't work under Win10-1803!

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