›DAD‹ - News

›DAD‹-DVD I | 2024 was dispatched to ›DAD‹ users
on 29th February 2024.

Before then it had been available for online-installation
since 23rd February 2024 yet.

For most of the ›DAD‹-articles there are photos and pictures of pricelists
available in ›DAD‹! Similarly pictures of article handouts and of
technical datasheets are gathered and published in the ›DAD‹.

For manufacturers: The ›DAD‹-deadline for the next
›DAD‹-DVD II | 2024 to provide pricelists and product information
is 19th April 2024.
(Deadline for III | 2024 will be 19th July 2024.)
Until then the ›DAD‹ has to be informed about upcoming changes
by the manufacturers, to assure the information can be considered
on the ›DAD‹-DVD.

The dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD II | 2024 is planned
to be on 20th June 2024.