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›DAD‹-DVD IV | 2020 was dispatched to ›DAD‹ users
on 10th of December 2020.

For most of the ›DAD‹-articles there are photos and pictures of pricelists
available in ›DAD‹! Similarly pictures of article handouts and of
technical datasheets are gathered and published in the ›DAD‹.

For manufacturers: The ›DAD‹-deadline for the next
›DAD‹-DVD I | 2021 to provide pricelists and product information
is 8th of January 2021.
(Deadline for II | 2021 will be 1st of April 2021.)
Until then the ›DAD‹ has to be informed about upcoming changes
by the manufacturers, to assure the information can be considered
on the ›DAD‹-DVD.

The dispatch of ›DAD‹-DVD I | 2021 is planned
to be on 4th of March 2021.